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Episode 16: How are Financial Services organisations addressing Risk Management in Cloud?

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In an ever-changing regulatory and risk landscape, Financial Services organisations in the UK that are creating value through the exploitation of Cloud services need to navigate a number of complex topics. Cloud is increasingly becoming an enabler for Financial Services organisations to address their growth ambitions and in this episode we’ll be exploring what businesses should be focusing on and how they should approach it. As part of our endeavour to keep you up to date with developments from the major public cloud providers, this episode also features a focus on Azure.

Our guests for this episode are Deloitte’s Edward Litchfield, Director in the Digital Risk team, Deloitte’s Kyle Irvine, expert in Cyber Transformation Practice in Risk Advisory and Elliot Chapple, Director in Consulting.

Key questions explored in this podcast:

  1. What are your views on the key themes in Digital and Tech risk for financial services organisations?
  2. The requirements from regulators seem to be adapting to the increasing consumption of Cloud. What, in your view, is different about Cloud that’s driving this change? And are there particular timescales around these requirements?
  3. For those organisations that also have operations outside of the UK - what are we seeing in other geographies?
  4. How are we helping our clients navigate these topics surrounding digital and tech risk for financial services?Where can listeners go for more information on this topic?

Episode 16 - How are Financial Services organisations addressing Risk Management in Cloud?

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