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Episode 24: Cloud Talent – You can never have enough of them

Fireside Chat with Deloitte Alumini

Since launching the Cloud Speed podcast back in 2020, lots has happened! However, one theme that we’re still yet to discuss is talent in the Cloud industry, whether this is within consultancies, service firms or product companies.

In the final episode of the series, we will be joined by our first ever external guests from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Prathmesh Jadhav, Customer Delivery Architect and Laura Hyatt, Solutions Architect, as they share their perspective on what successful talent looks like in the Cloud industry.

Cloud Speed Podcasts

Cloud Talent – You can never have enough of them

Key questions explored in this podcast:

  1. The talent crunch is real and we at Deloitte feel it, are you seeing this in your organisations as well?
  2.  Developer and strategist experience reflections in consulting vs. a product organisation how does it work?
  3. The product operating model approach, championed by AWS, how does it benefit your organisations?
  4. We’re both large corporates. We all build global teams, but how can we improve global deliveries? How global is Amazon’s product teams? And how do you form teams for delivery?
  5. How can we collectively improve cloud fluency across the market to drive this?

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