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Episode 14: Cloud & Sustainability: What’s the connection?

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With the growth of cloud computing and therefore increase in the number of data centres and electricity demand, there’s a need for the cloud to become green. The largest cloud service providers have pledged to cut their carbon emissions, signing up to initiatives such as re-100, acronym for “renewable 100 percent, in which members must publicise annual progress reports in their quest to achieve 100 percent renewable energy. So what practices has the market adopted to achieve sustainability?

Our guest for this episode is Ben Combes, Director, Net Zero Strategy & Climate Tech.

Key questions explored in this podcast:

  1. What exactly is the connection between Cloud & Sustainability?
  2. What is driving organisations to put this on their strategic agendas?
  3. What are the challenges and opportunities organisations face around Cloud & Sustainability?
  4. How far are organisations getting and what are Deloitte doing to help them?
  5. Where are the Hyperscalers focussing their efforts?
  6. Do you see any particular trends in Cloud & Sustainability across different industries and sectors?
  7. What’s next in Cloud & Sustainability?

Episode 14 - Cloud & Sustainability: What’s the connection?

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