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The fundamental principles of an Insight-Driven Organisation (IDO)

Do you think about how the way we live and work continues to change? What role does data, information, human behaviour, and artificial intelligence have to play?

Huge disruption has already taken place; the methods in which people and businesses interact, the types of services being delivered, and the channels through which these services are secured have fundamentally changed within a blink of an eye.

Every industry and public sector body is facing challenges to the status quo. It’s no longer enough to experiment with AI and its potential. Organisations without concrete plans on how to scale their use of AI face significant threats from new business models and services.

How do you navigate the changing technology landscape?

We have refreshed our IDO framework & playbook to offer food for thought and help shape your organisation’s data and AI agenda, help to decide what organisation you want to be, which capabilities and fundamental building blocks are required, and how to structure the way forward. It serves as an end-to-end guide to make transformations stick.

In a world where disruption is the status quo and the pace of innovation seems to be accelerating, becoming an IDO lets you be lifted by technology, instead of drowned by it.

With the release of our new playbook refresh we can help guide you to becoming an IDO in the information age.

What is an IDO?

An IDO refers to an organisation that uses data-driven insights to make robust evidence-based decisions, which vary in size and may have internal and external ramifications. In an IDO, cultural, scientific, tactical, and strategic decisions trump those compelled by intuition.

Insight Driven Organisations understand that technology is just a part of the tool kit for innovation and growth. The emphasis must also be on Strategy, People, and Process. This means clear strategic goals, having a culture that empowers and attracts the best talent, combined with processes that enable communication between business and technical functions.

Organisations have already begun their IDO journey, but the challenges have evolved

Organisations understand that richer insights delivered in a timely manner will benefit them exponentially, however, executing the large-scale transformation programmes required to become insight driven is challenging for most.

The transformation required for insights to be utilised at scale, consistently and continuously, until they are embedded into the very fabric of the organisation is no mean feat. Many leaders face a common challenge in demonstrating the value of the investments required to become an IDO.

Some of these investments may take the form of new technical architectures, which are not utilised to their full potential, or recruitment of top talent into Data & Analytics teams.

Delivering at scale is therefore a critical component of demonstrating the value of becoming an Insight-Driven Organisation.

Our 2022 Playbook refresh puts new focus on how to create transformation at scale, and make it stick.

What’s to come

Our playbook will help you to understand how you can stay ahead of the pack, remain competitive and make sure you are making incremental gains through leveraging the power of data, analytics and AI to stay ahead.

Becoming an IDO is the path to AI. Our next articles will explore key questions from industry around AI & Technology.

  • How can we find the right skills internally and/or hire externally to enable embedding advanced analytics into our organisation?
  • How can we remain innovative and competitive while remaining cost effective?
  • How do I keep up with the market in terms of methods and technologies in such a fast-moving world, and ensure these are scalable and agile?

Using the playbook, you will be able to understand the core problem and uncover the answers!

Stay tuned!