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Regional Crane Surveys 2023

Construction is routinely looked to as a marker for the economic health of a city or region. Our Real Estate Regional Crane Surveys highlight this link between development and prosperity, examining the external influences and key market drivers of city centre construction.


Building futures

The Universities remain a driving force behind the regeneration of parts of the city and provide a catalyst for further change. Purpose built student accommodation also seeks to boost the population of the city during term time, but what else is happening in terms of development activity? We’ve examined workspaces, placemaking and what the future holds in terms of population growth.


A time to be bullish

Birmingham is on a strong trajectory of development and growth that signal a bright, perhaps ‘Bullish’ future in which confidence and aspiration define the real estate sector. We’ve looked at development activity that has taken place last year, and what is scheduled to come forward in the coming years to highlight the opportunity in the West Midlands.


Innovate to elevate

The City is taking innovative new approaches to respond to a period of change. Higher education is booming with record levels of new student accommodation in Leeds, responding to the offer the city is providing to high quality talent. This trajectory is showing no signs of slowing down and with the impact of the creative sectors helping the city to flourish, there’s a growing impetus to drive innovation, which is reflected in our recorded development activity and analysis.


She's electric

ESG and sustainability is right of the top of the agenda for most cities and Manchester and Salford are no exception. Development activity remains strong in both cities and we’ve looked at this through the holistic lens of sustainability to consider the importance of density, transport projects, energy supply and a range of other factors to track progress and consider what next is in store.