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David Turner gives his view on his 10 year career at Deloitte

1. You have been with Deloitte for 10 years now, could you tell us a bit about your career here and your current role?

I recently celebrated my 10-year work anniversary at Deloitte, after joining on the graduate scheme. During the past 10 years I enrolled onto the training programme which enabled me to become a Chartered Surveyor, APC Assessor and delivered a number of high-profile capital projects as close as the office next door and as far as Panama City. I am currently monitoring the development of a 500-bed integrated casino resort in Cyprus and exploring an opportunity to 3D print some houses for Veterans. I am also supporting Deloitte's in-house team develop our future workplace strategy and implement a series of refurbishments across our estate in response to this. A varied and exciting work-load, all whilst project managing the renovation of my own home!

2. How do you see the future of occupiers / office space?

I think it will become increasingly important to make the office a real destination and entice people out of their homes. The cost of living is increasing, and it will become less economic for people to travel to the office if they can work from home. It will be interesting to see how this translates into workplaces, but two areas that will be critical are wellness and sustainability. A focus on wellness through both building design and organisations support model for their people will be important. Sustainability conscious staff will want both a company and working environment that supports that too. We deployed sustainable furniture throughout our new Newcastle office and had plaques made to tell the story of each furniture item. It’s a great conversation starter with our clients and reaffirms to our people that we are delivering on our ESG commitments.

3. How are you supporting Deloitte with their future of work strategy?

  • We have stood up a transformation programme called ‘Deloitte Works’ dedicated to all aspects of how we will work in future and support our people. Our role includes the full capital projects life cycle to plan, manage and renew our estate across the UK to align with our future ways of working.
  • Perhaps most excitingly, Deloitte have committed to testing new spaces and technologies to inform how we will do our best work in future. We are creating bespoke spaces within three of our UK offices to trial new work-settings, furniture and technology, giving us real-time feedback from our people as we continue to iterate the design of our future workplace.

4. What excites you about the future?

  • I work within our Innovation cohort which is an exciting forum to share ideas and develop prototypes to support our clients better. We are currently exploring the use of 3D printed houses as a solution to respond to the housing crisis. The construction industry has huge scope for innovation and to be part of an industry that can be purposeful and make an impact to communities that matters is an exciting prospect.
  • Personally, Deloitte will soon be opening Deloitte University EMEA, a new and world-class training campus for our people across EMEA. Located just outside of Paris, the campus has been designed to enable our learning and networking curriculums. I helped prepare the design brief for the project and procure Deloitte’s development partner so it will be great to see that initial vision come to life.

5. What is the best piece of professional advice you have ever received and would like to pass on?

  • Two things stand out:
    • Be curious - I think it's important to be interested in our clients, understand how their business works and generates revenue. Ask questions to give rounded advice and don't be afraid to go against the grain if you think it's the most valuable approach.
    • Don’t be afraid to express your interest to get involved in opportunities which involve supporting your team and deliver the firm’s strategy. I think it allows colleagues and yourself to develop business acumen, technical knowledge, and experience. There are always plenty of things to get involved in whether it’s supporting the business or a social or sport initiative. Sadly, I’ve hung up my football boots as I’m not 5 years younger (or 5kg lighter!).