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The connected patient experience

Bringing patient centricity to life for your business

To help you visualise how digital technology can revolutionise your business, we have developed an immersive experience which showcases how patient journeys can be enhanced through greater connectivity. The experience can be tailored to your business to address your biggest challenges and opportunities.
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Watch the video for a preview of the experience

The experience will demonstrate the digital health opportunities across the pharma value chain including:


  • Accelerated patient recruitment and retention for clinical trials 
  • Standardised data collection and sharing to enable trend analysis 
  • Increased understanding of patient groups’ needs to facilitate management of patient conditions, proactively address adverse events and demonstrate the value of a drug
  • Identification of new measures to obtain richer biometric datasets around the clock, through the use of smart devices
  • Increased brand loyalty through the delivery of personalised services ‘beyond the pill’.

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Pharma and the connected patient, the newest report released by the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions, explores how digital technology can help pharma companies embrace patient centricity.

Based on extensive literature reviews, new primary research on the utilisation of health apps by 12 major pharma companies and a survey of 190 patient groups, the report examines the barriers that pose a threat to pharma’s transformation as well as the strategies being used to help pharma remain relevant, profitable and to deliver better health outcomes.

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