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On Demand Webinar: Pharma’s climate goals

The roadmap to delivery

With influential speakers from AstraZeneca, Roche and Health Care Without Harm, this Reuters webinar in collaboration with Deloitte, explores how companies can embed sustainability into their DNA, shaping long- term business goals and driving economic success.

Experts sharing their knowledge, include:
  • Dr. Peter Schnurrenberger, Chief Security, Health & Environmental Protection (SHE) Officer, Roche
  • Gary Cohen, President, Health Care Without Harm
  • Nazneen Rahman, CEO/Founder, YewMaker (executive partner of the Sustainable Medicines Partnership) and Non-Executive Director at AstraZeneca
  • James Gregson, Partner, Deloitte

Key learnings include:
  • How reputation, duty of care, regulation and competitive advantage factors come together to drive pharma’s climate friendly ambitions
  • Approaches to integrate emission reduction commitments into the DNA of your organisation to result in business and environmental benefits
  • See what new talent, investments and operating models are required to ensure the required cultural and strategic transformations
  • Explore how pressure from and collaboration with wider healthcare stakeholders, such as the public, providers and policy makers, can help to further move the dial and deliver change for the broader ecosystem

Tune into this on demand webinar to learn about the roadmap to climate goal delivery

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