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Episode #28: The Future of Health in Europe

Life Sciences Connect

Europe faces substantial challenges in continuing to deliver high-quality healthcare services to its citizens. With growing populations, rigid financing models and rising health inequalities, the conventional, reactive 'sick care' model needs to move to a more proactive, preventative and participatory model of care.
Without this transition, by 2040, European healthcare services will face being overwhelmed and unaffordable with diminished access, adversely affecting citizens' health and productivity.

Listen to episode 28 of the Life Sciences Connect Podcast to hear our guests dive into the most crucial questions from The Future of Health in Europe report.

Episode 28 features:

Karen Taylor, Research Director, UK Centre for Health Solutions
Neal Batra, Principal, Deloitte’s Life Sciences and Health Care, and Global Future of Health Leader
Minni Sarkka-Hietala, Health and Human services leader, North South Europe, and the Nordics
Karen Kirkham, Partner and Chief Medical Officer, UK Health and Social Care

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