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Webinar: Safer Electronic Patient Record (EPR) Implementation

Implementing a new Electronic Patient Record (EPR) is a complex process and requires meticulous planning, coordination, involving change across every aspect of a healthcare organization. However, it also presents a unique opportunity to transform patient and staff experiences and enhance productivity by eliminating time-consuming manual processes.

We were delighted to host a webinar on the 18 April 2024, bringing together some of the UK digital health industry’s most experienced leaders who have huge experience in implementing electronic patient records in their own organisations.

Our speakers were:

  • Dr Cormac Breen, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust
  • Jacqui Cooper, RN Chief Nursing Information Officer, Health Innovation Manchester
  • Professor Adrian Harris, Chief Medical Officer, Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Henry Morriss, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Manchester Royal Infirmary Consultant Emergency, and Intensive Care Medicine
  • Frances Cousins, Digital Health Lead Partner, Deloitte UK
  • Dr Afzal Chaudhry, Executive Chief Clinical Information Officer, Epic
  • and the conversation was chaired by Dr Karen Kirkham, Chief Medical Officer, Deloitte UK

These experts, with their firsthand experience in large-scale EPR implementations, shared insights for success across a wide variety of topics including crafting a clinical safety case, safely transferring patient data, optimising staff training, preparing for operational readiness across and within organisations, and change management for a successful Go-Live.

Here’s the link to our complete webinar for your viewing:


Here's the link to Safer Electronic Patient Record Implementation - Q&A Webinar

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