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Episode #9:  What is driving MedTech’s transformation?

Life Sciences Connect

Our next podcast in the Life Sciences Connect series is all about MedTech. Karen Taylor, Research Director of the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions is joined by Andy Flockhart, Deloitte UK MedTech leader, and Michael Dohrmann, Deloitte EMEA MedTech Leader to discuss the forces transforming the MedTech industry.  

MedTech companies have a critical role in driving the future of health, using transformative technology to enhance products and services, enabling 4P medicine and driving value-based care. The COVID-19 pandemic has helped accelerate the adoption of digital technologies in Healthcare. But how is the MedTech sector likely to fare in the post-pandemic world? This episode explores the key industry developments and trends arising including:

  • The rise in the number of consumer organisations entering the MedTech space
  • The evolution from producing devices to producing end-to-end services
  • The changing regulatory landscape
  • The impact of COVID-19 on supply chains and the use of MedTech in healthcare

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