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Episode #1: Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials

Life Sciences Connect

Traditional ‘linear and sequential’ clinical trials remain the accepted way to ensure the efficacy and safety of new medicines. However, these traditional trials lack the flexibility and speed required to develop complex new therapies that target smaller and often heterogeneous patient populations.

Unlocking real-world evidence (RWE) using predictive artificial intelligence (AI) models is becoming a business imperative to support novel trial designs, and to identify suitable patients and key investigators to inform site selection. Regulatory bodies have released guidance to encourage biopharma companies to use data-driven strategies to make trials more accessible and participatory.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted hundreds of thousands of ongoing clinical trials around the world. Moreover, there has been a shift in biopharma’s focus to develop vaccines and drugs to combat COVID-19. As the human and economic devastation of this pandemic has become evident, activity promoting the use of advanced technologies in clinical trials has increased.

For our first episode, we explore the use of AI technology in clinical trials and how the COVID-19 pandemic is promoting the use of advanced technologies within the biopharma industry.

This episode is led by our host Karen Taylor. Karen is joined by Fiona Maini, Principal Global Science and Compliance at Medidata, and Fareed Melhem, Head of Acorn AI Labs at Medidata Solutions.

This episode covers:

  • How AI technology is currently being used in clinical trials
  • How regulators are embracing AI in clinical development
  • How regulators are changing their approach in response to COVID-19, including in the acceptance of AI technologies and RWE strategies

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