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Episode #18: Hospital Activation

Life Sciences Connect

In episode 18 of the Life Sciences Connect podcast, we talk to specialists about Hospital Activation, how we are evolving our approach and what the future holds. This episode puts attention on the complex and timely process that goes far beyond obtaining funding and opening doors. We dive further into extensive planning, as well as establishing key systems that will support operational, strategic and technological requirements, and create future-ready healthcare facilities that will meet patient and staff needs.

On this episode of Life Sciences Connect podcast, we discuss these issues further with our panel of experts:

  • Frances Cousins, Partner in the Healthcare Technology practice
  • Stephanie Diller, Senior Manager, UK Health Strategy practice
  • Andy Lane, Healthcare Advisory director from our Australian firm

And of course, our host, Karen Taylor, Research Director, Centre for Health Solutions, Deloitte

Getting hospital activation right is a timely topic. The ‘New Hospital Programme’ (NHP) presents a once in a generation opportunity to transform NHS estates for patients, staff, and the wider community, so getting hospital activation ‘right’ has never been more important.

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