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Episode #17: Evaluating the role of employers in reducing the public health gap: Improving the health and productivity of employees

Life Sciences Connect

On this episode of Life Sciences Connect podcast, we discuss these issues further with our panel of experts:

  •  John Haughey, Global Life Sciences and Healthcare Consulting Leader
  • Sara Siegel, UK and NSE Health and Social Care Leader

And of course, our host, Karen Taylor, Research Director, Centre for Health Solutions, Deloitte

This episode focuses on the role of employers in improving the physical and mental health of their employees through measures to address workforce wellbeing and the implications for public health and productivity.

We examine the crucial role of employers in public health. The podcast conversation dives into the key topics from the report including research showing a clear business case for employers to invest in evidence-based interventions to support employee health and wellbeing to improve staff satisfaction, retention, and recruitment and increase workforce productivity.

The conversation further explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the link between the health of the population and the health of the economy and demonstrated how the health of employees links to their productivity.

For further details view the report.

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