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Episode #19: Advancing Health Equity to build a healthier more inclusive world

Life Sciences Connect

On this episode of Life Sciences Connect podcast, we discuss these issues further with our panel of experts:

  • John Haughey, Global Life Sciences and Healthcare Consulting Leader
  • Sara Siegel, Deloitte’s UK and EMEA Head of Healthcare
  • Dr Karen Kirkham, Chief Medical Officer and Lead Partner for Integration in Deloitte’s Health and Social Care team

And of course, our host, Karen Taylor, Research Director, Centre for Health Solutions, Deloitte

Health equity is developing as one of the most important issues of our time. Businesses around the world are realising that they have a role to play. In the same way that organisations measure and try to mitigate their carbon footprints, they are starting to consider their “health equity footprint” in a more systematic way.

Our Future of Public Health Report Series, discusses how the pandemic has exposed stark inequalities in health and society, including differences in employers’ approach to the wellbeing of their employees. It has also shown the UK to be a deeply unequal society, with widening health inequalities shaped by the social determinants of health (the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age).

Listen to hear more on this topic.

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