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Programme Controls Consistency



Wood is a multinational energy services company, providing operations personnel and consultancy services to global oil & gas operators. Their work, which also includes capital project delivery, spans a significant breadth and depth of project types, complexities and geographies.

Wood, originally John Wood Group, has been formed following the acquisition of various organisations in the last decade, including the recent multi-billion dollar merger with Amec Foster-Wheeler.

Within the various global business units, there are remnants of these legacy businesses impacting the ability to deliver projects in a consistent way. Controlling cost, schedule, risk and reporting across Wood will support better project delivery, through demonstrating world-class controls capability.

In January 2019, Deloitte were engaged to lead the Project Controls Consistency Programme (PCCP).

How we helped

The programme was split into three phases which designed, delivered and implemented a Target Operating Model (TOM) for project controls.

The first phase involved the high-level design of the TOM, incorporating Strategy & Culture, Capabilities & Organisation, Process, Governance and Data & Systems. Key principles of each layer were developed, with the overall aim of providing a coherent view of how the programme controls function would operate in the target state.

Following the high-level design, Phase 2 of the programme developed more detailed artefacts to support the framework. Seven detailed process maps were developed for each of the critical project controls process, along with an organisational model handbook, project controls terms of definition, process adherence criteria and a performance management handbook.

A transition management plan was also developed to support successful implementation of the new target operating model.

Phase 3 and future phases of the programme focussed on the implementation of the Target Operating Model.

From a process perspective, the seven key programme controls processes were implemented across the breadth of Wood’s business units, aligned to a project governance standard that ensure a single way of operating.

Phase 3 also delivered key design documents to support the future implementation of a single suite of project controls systems. Based on a detailed requirements gathering exercise, a single “best in breed” application for cost, schedule, risk and reporting was specified, with a three stage implementation plan to allow a phased approach to be taken.

A logical data model was also developed to support the overall project controls data ecosystem, and to describe the way in which consistent reporting and analytics will be delivered through a data & reporting platform.

…designing, delivering and implementing a Target Operating Model to enable global Project Controls consistency…

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