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2020 Women in Automotive Industry Study

Driving greater diversity and inclusion within the automotive industry

This study explores the views of women and men working in the automotive industry, and probes why women still only represents around 13 per cent of the total workforce. Based upon insights from more than 100 women and men working in automotive across the UK, we discuss what more can be done to retain and advance women in the sector.

Employee resilience

Within the industry, technology is advancing, consumer behaviour is changing and COVID-19 and Brexit uncertainty are disrupting any semblance of business as usual. Only half of women feel prepared to adapt to changes occurring in the automotive industry.

Among other factors, this uncertainty has created a major challenge to employee retention. 40 per cent of women working in automotive would choose a different industry if they were starting their career again.

The industry needs to build greater resilience by engaging in dialogue, improving access to mentorship and sponsorship relationships, and rethinking learning and development.

Advancing women

90 per cent of participants feel that women are under-represented in leadership positions. Two factors are commonly associated with under-representation: industry bias towards men for leadership positions, and organisations’ cultural norms.

The industry needs to driver greater representation by flattening the hierarchy and creating policies that engage all levels of the organisation.

About the research

This study is based upon insights from more than 100 women and men working in the automotive across the UK. A survey and interviews were conducted between June and September 2020. The purpose of the study was to generate a representative point of view on how individuals, organisations and the industry can driver greater gender diversity and inclusion through the retention and advancement of women working in the automotive industry.

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