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Government Trends 2023

Across the world, change is happening at all levels of government: Walls are coming down.

The silos that are often found inside governments and between its agencies - in areas such as data, funding, and the workforce – as well as the barriers between government and the private sector, are gradually being broken down to make things happen.

Deloitte's Government Trends 2023 distils research on governments from across the world and explores what is happening in practice to deliver solutions. The report outlines nine transformational trends related to cross-boundary collaboration that illustrate that governments are “bringing down walls”.

We invite those working for, or have an interest in, government and public services across the UK to explore these nine trends in more depth. The report showcases a range of best practice examples and case studies from different governments and public services from across the world, and brings these to life through the voices of public officials who are pioneering these innovative trends

.Government Trends also considers different approaches and actions which aim to support governments and public services, including those in the UK, to move forward to become more effective and connected to those across and outside of government.

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