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Helping to rebuild Ukraine’s tech sector with the UK-Ukraine TechBridge

This week the UK-Ukraine TechBridge has taken a key step forward in its development. The UK Department for Business and Trade, and Ukraine Ministry for Digital Transformation signed a Memorandum of Cooperation at Lisbon Web Summit, demonstrating the ongoing collaboration between the UK and the Government of Ukraine, and the strength of support from the private sector in supporting Ukraine

On 24 February 2022, millions of Ukrainian citizens saw their lives upended, as Russia escalated a war that started in 2014 by launching a fresh invasion. It’s been described as the biggest attack on a European country since the Second World War. As more government and international aid continues to reach Ukraine, can tech companies help the country recover and maintain its resilience?

From deep-tech and robotics to AI and translation, Ukraine is home to a big and booming tech sector, and a wealth of talent in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). But its economy has been shrunk since the start of the war, with Russian attacks on power/telecoms threatening to cut off Ukrainian businesses from their customers and livelihoods.

The displacement of thousands of citizens has slowed the technology sector, and there is a real risk that skilled technology experts may not return to Ukraine if the economy doesn’t recover.

Recovery of the technology sector is a fundamental part of wider efforts to boost the economy and reduce the brain drain.

How can we help? Making an impact that matters.

Our position is the same as the UK government’s: Ukraine will only succeed in the long-term if planning for its recovery starts now. Recovery of the technology sector is a fundamental part of wider efforts to boost the economy and reduce the brain drain. In support of this and the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office we invited our tech partners, including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, to a roundtable to agree on how our collective could be used to help. There was overwhelming support from everyone to use the power of tech to rebuild Ukraine’s economy and businesses, as well as people’s lives and their communities.

The output of the roundtable was the concept of the eventual establishment of the UK-Ukraine TechBridge which was announced by the UK Prime Minister at the Ukraine Reconstruction Conference earlier this year.

This week, the TechBridge has moved forward, marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between UK Minister of State Nusrat Ghani and Ukraine Minister of Digital Transformation Alex Bornyakov, demonstrating commitment to supporting the recovery and growth of the Ukrainian tech sector and the mutual benefit it brings. The TechBridge is expected to be launched in the coming weeks.

Creating stability


The UK-Ukraine TechBridge is an initiative to connect UK and Ukrainian tech companies and harness opportunities for innovation and collaboration. TechBridge will link UK and Ukrainian businesses together physically and virtually for new trade prospects and to facilitate co-development of new services and technologies. The TechBridge will improve access to private and public finance through improved investment and procurement routes. It will also assist in providing opportunities for skills development for underrepresented groups.

This international initiative supports and empowers Ukrainian citizens by giving them the chance to rebuild a stable work environment amid the war and strengthen their economic resilience. They can connect and work on joint projects with tech giants and upskill others all while earning money. The TechBridge also helps build small businesses and mentors and trains Ukrainian citizens in technology by offering them access to learning and development opportunities and a mentorship programme.

Our colleagues Jonathan Pell, Maria Panayiotou, Matt Killen, and Andrea Pereira were some of the brains behind the TechBridge. They were tasked with implementing the strategy for the TechBridge, supporting determining what an ongoing, fully functioning TechBridge would look like as well as designing and delivering one of the TechBridge pillars in skills and development. Our team supported the UK and Ukrainian governments, through their officials and ambassadors, to help bring the TechBridge to life.

The ripple effect

In an increasingly fast-paced, interconnected, and ever-changing world, collaboration and connectivity have never been so important. The scheme will run until 2025, and continue to support citizens and tech companies, providing them with opportunities to work closely with UK counterparts. This will help rebuild Ukraine’s economy and society so that they can prosper again.

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