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Transforming the British Army's talent management system

Building a competitive and digital workforce for the future

People are at the heart of the British Army, delivering operations across the world and resilience here in the UK. How do you build a 21st century approach to managing careers and talent, reflecting the pace of change in the work and the workforce?

Modernise and mobilise.

The Army realised that it needed to become more flexible, integrated, and agile in the way it manages its people, their capabilities, and careers. That’s why it embarked on a transformation called Programme CASTLE, to help the Army manage its people capability more effectively, develop new career pathways, and create new opportunities for service personnel to engage with their careers.

Getting ready for the future.

The purpose of the Programme was to integrate Professions and Skills into career management and workforce planning for a regular and reserve workforce of c.120,000 people, without disrupting the continuous cycle of appointments and promotions. This is a significant technical and cultural challenge. New tools, processes and ways of working will enable the Army to better match people and jobs, see emerging skills gaps and take action to close them, and offer service personnel greater visibility and involvement in planning their own careers.

New tools, processes and ways of working will enable the Army to better match people and jobs, see emerging skills gaps and take action to close them.

Deloitte joined the Programme in February 2021, and forms part of an integrated team with Army regulars and reservists and civil servants. Deloitte support has brought expertise in skill-based organisation approaches, operating model design, programme management, data/analytics, change management, transition planning, testing, developing digital solutions, and more.

The team established a flexible approach to ramp support up or down as needed. They also built a collaborative working culture focused on solving problems and delivering outcomes for the Army so that it can put its people first in an environment where they can succeed.

One team mindset: Army-led; Deloitte supported.

The Army owns the design and delivery of the future of talent management, supported and enabled by the Deloitte team. The success of Programme CASTLE lies in combining the best of Army experience with the experience and skills of Deloitte, as we work together to achieve a shared vision that will transform the Army.

As a joint team we won the Outstanding Team Culture award in the Defence Acquisition and Project Delivery Awards 2023. Together we’re on track to deliver Programme CASTLE’s key milestones, up to the project end date in 2025.

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