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Your engine room for case management.

ClaimsView is a cloud based, end-to-end case management tool designed to help organisations capture, manage, process and resolve large volumes of claims efficiently, without compromising integrity.

About ClaimsView

Data security and traceability are at the forefront. Every access level is customisable, making sure that the right information reaches the right people at the right time. ClaimsView features formal quality control steps configured directly into the workflow, leaving data accurate, complete and extensively reviewed.

All interactions between you, the claimant and any nominated third parties are captured and stored on a secure server, providing complete traceability via a comprehensive digital audit trail.

Regardless of volume or complexity, ClaimsView is your engine room for case management.

Why ClaimsView?

  • Reliable structured workflows provide complete control.
  • Secure all interactions stored on a secure server to provide complete traceability.
  • Comprehensive enhanced with data to provide end-to-end case management.
  • Efficient a Saas Solution rapidly configured and deployed.
  • Flexible fully customisable across a range of use cases.
  • Transparent built in communication channels and a digital audit trail provide transparency at every step.

With transparency and traceability at the forefront, ClaimsView’s customisable interface puts the correct information in front of the correct people, just when the need it. Let us show you how to efficiently maintain integrity and quality across your claims, no matter the volume.

With a focus on security, integrity, transparency, agility and traceability - Discover how ClaimsView can help you today.

Ready to experience ClaimsView?

One platform Multiple uses.

Audit Actions:

Exprience the benefits of a digital audit trail, along with the horsepower needed to drive excellence, efficiency and impact.

Risk Registers:

Take the complexity out of risk management. From upload to completion, benefit from a clearly defined process where risks are acknowledge, migrated and resolved.

Remediation Management:

Address and remediate disputes efficiently and professionally, while keeping the claiment informed of key steps and the overall outcome. Benefits from a workflow designed to drive accessibility and accuracy.

Case Management:

From submission through to resolution, experience a new way of working. Through a well-defined workflow, manage end-to-end cases with ease.


Effectively capture complaints using our customisable platform that can record customer feedback and provide insights into your customer relationships in a way that works best for you.

Claims Management:

Maintain your organisation's quality and integrity across claims, no matter the scale. ClaimsView drives integrity, reduces the risk of error and simplifies the claims management process from start to finish. 

Class Action Administration:

Class actions can be complicated. Manage them with transparency, traceability and agility. A holistic view is now at your fingertips.

Grants Applications:

Keep on top of grants the key steps of claim entry, assessment, decision and notification. Manage applications diligently by making sure all data is secure and extensively reviewed.

Gifts, Entertainment, & Hospitality (GEH):

Stay ahead of all operational interactions. Request, review and resolve GEH concerns in this end-to-end platform.

Conflicts of Interest:

Keep a close eye on conflicts. Confirm your compatibility with employees by using ClaimsView to identity, triage and resolve potential conflicts-of-interest before they become an issues.

Supply Chain Due Diligence:

Don't be exposed to legal or reputational risks. Investigate whether your stakeholders align to your high standards before it's to late.