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Episode 1 : We talk Responsible Investing and Responsible Business

The first episode in this series sees Jessica speaking to Katherine Lampen, Partner, Head of Sustainable Finance for Deloitte North and South Europe and Chris Hulatt, Octopus Investments, Co -Founder and discussing the topic of ‘responsible investing and responsible business’ within the IMW sector.

Key questions explored in this podcast:

  1. What is responsible investing, what does it mean? Taking into account ‘Profit, Planet and People’
  2. Why do people have such competing ideas of what ESG means?
  3. How does ESG and ideas of sustainability interact with entrepreneurialism?
  4. Why has the interest in ESG funds and products grown three to four times larger over the past three years’?
  5. What are the top tips for navigating the ESG path?
  6. What themes will shape the responsible business landscape?

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