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Episode 41: Sustainability Regulatory Outlook Report 2023

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The transition towards Net Zero and the adoption of Environmental, Social and Governance, or ESG standards, is leading to an expansion of regulatory scrutiny and calls from consumers, investors and employees for companies to play a greater role in accelerating this transition. This rapidly progressing new area of regulation is challenging business leaders to keep up with the pace of change but it is also creates new priorities for companies.

In this episode of Regulated Radio, Scott Martin is joined by Deloitte's EMEA Sustainability Regulation Hub experts, Magda Puzniak-Holford and Ramon Bravo Gonzalez, to discuss how the evolving landscape of sustainability regulation is affecting companies' business strategies, operating models and financial plans, and how it can unlock opportunities to drive business value.

Key questions:

  • How is sustainability changing the way firms operate?
  • How are regulators expanding their activity in this area?
  • What Sustainability Regulatory topics are the most critical for business leaders to consider?
  • How does regulation interact with the explosion in activity across all sectors of the economy to mobilise for the transition to sustainability?
  • How are transition targets and plans starting to affect companies' access to finance?

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