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Episode 37: Nature and Biodiversity

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When discussing environmental issues in recent years, climate tends to hit the headlines. In response, many businesses are working on net zero transition plans and climate-related disclosures. However, climate is only one piece of the picture. We face interconnected environmental crises such as biodiversity loss and harmful levels of water and air pollution. From a regulatory perspective, efforts to combat these issues are arriving in various forms, including at the COP15 UN Convention on Biological Diversity held this month in Montreal, Canada. In this episode, our experts Toby Roxburgh, UK Nature and Biodiversity Lead and Simon Brennan, EMEA Sustainability Regulatory Strategy Lead, join host Scott Martin to explore what ‘nature risk’ is, how it relates to climate risk and what businesses should be doing to prepare for nature-related regulation. Tune in to learn more about how the wider nature and biodiversity agenda is rapidly coming up on climate’s coat tails.

Key questions:

  • What is ‘nature risk’? How does it relate to climate risk?
  • What should businesses be doing to prepare for nature-related regulation?
  • Many organisations devote more attention and resources to climate change and emissions than to nature and biodiversity. Does that need to change, and how?
  • What is the general readiness level across businesses and what are ‘best in class’ firms doing?
  • What should firms be looking out for in regulatory and policy terms?

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