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Episode 38: Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook 2023 – Confronting the Polycrisis

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How will major regulatory trends affect the financial services industry in 2023? How can leaders anticipate and respond to them effectively? In this episode of Regulated Radio, Scott Martin is joined by David Strachan and Suchitra Nair to explore these questions and a range of topics, including climate-related financial risk management, digital assets and payments, prudential capital frameworks for banks and insurers, and operational resilience.

Key questions:

  • What impact are the macroeconomic challenges having on the supervisory agenda?
  • How important are the Edinburgh Reforms for financial services?
  • Climate change remains high on the agenda for financial services firms – what should they focus on in 2023?
  • Where should banks building their digital assets strategies expect supervisory scrutiny?
  • Faced with an increasingly bleak credit risk outlook, are banks prepared for what might lie ahead?

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