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Sustainable finance

The future rewritten

The world is telling business to change. The message is clear: meet higher expectations of responsibility. Meet them, and show the world you mean it. Customers are demanding that businesses embrace sustainable finance. Employees and investors expect it. And increasingly, regulators mandate it.

Understanding sustainable finance is critical in becoming truly responsible.

There is a financing revolution in the air

Investor sentiment and customer appetites are being reshaped by climate regulation. The 2015 Paris Agreement and the 2017 Taskforce on Climate-related Disclosure recommendations have changed the conversation. Add to that the 2018 EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan with its mandate to mainstream sustainability within the financial system, and it is clear that understanding and acting upon the sustainability implications of capital allocation is now the central challenge for the financial services sector.

It is time to walk the talk on sustainability

Financing the transition to a sustainable economy will require significant investment in infrastructure, real estate and equities that incorporate decarbonisation as a priority. Achieving global commitments will require ambitious strategies for decarbonisation of existing asset classes.

From vision to action

This is the decade of action. Action not only to invest in the solutions that will ultimately decarbonise the economy but also to strengthen broader environmental, social and governance aims. As a result, investors and investment managers are focusing their attentions on a new form of capital allocation.

Reimagining the future

Sustainability is no longer optional: it is central to corporate competitiveness.

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Rewiring compliance

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Capturing the opportunity

Sustainability is no longer optional: it is central to corporate competitiveness.

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