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Episode 1: Basel III and cryptocurrencies

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Welcome to Regulated Radio! To kick things off, we talk about two of the big issues in the massive shorefront of challenges that regulators and the financial sector are facing today. Namely just how much of an impact we think the Basel III agreement will have on European banks and what keeps European policymakers up at night when they think about the risks from cryptocurrencies. Scott Martin, our host, is joined by two guests from our EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy, Rod Hardcastle and Suchitra Nair. Tune in!

Episode 1: Basel III and cryptocurrencies

Five key questions that we answer in this episode:

  • What's been happening recently with the hard-fought Basel III agreement?
  • Will European banks have to deal with much higher capital requirements versus their international peers?
  • What are cryptocurrencies and crypto assets?
  • What are regulators concerned about when it comes to cryptocurrencies?
  • What is the key concern around crypto assets and consumer protection?

"Regulators have three main concerns when it comes to crypto assets – money laundering and counter terrorist financing, financial stability and consumer protection."


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