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Business-to-Business data sharing under the EU Data Act

Delivering to the regulatory requirement to share data in a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory manner

Our latest report (which can be downloaded at the link below) is designed to help companies navigate the Business-to-Business data sharing provisions of the EU Data Act.

The EU Data Act entered into force in January 2024 and will become fully applicable in September 2025. Under the new rules, connected products across all sectors of the economy will have to be designed and manufactured in a way that empowers EU users to easily and securely access, use and share the data generated by the use of those devices.

The new regime is expected to prompt the development of significant economic opportunities, including the creation of new markets for Business-to-Business data where data will have to be shared on a fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRND) basis. This is likely to raise a number of practical questions for companies, as the application of FRND obligations to data sharing is novel.

Bringing together experts from across Europe, this report outlines a frame of reference for both business data holders and recipients in all sectors who may be considering such data sharing. Case studies are included to bring this to life, providing insights into how the new regime may affect the health, mobility and agriculture sectors. These are all priority EU Data Spaces.

Finally, we outline the strategic considerations that data holders should consider relevant to commercial data sharing, as well as key steps that companies can take now in order to prepare for Data Act compliance.