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Flexibility is the key to future success

A Deloitte view of the asset finance software industry

Asset financing has been experiencing an increase in momentum. The business models for core asset purchases are evolving quickly as part of a linked ecosystem of services and resulting in an increased demand for specialist asset financing software.

This report examines the factors predicted to influence the asset finance market and the response of specialist software providers; including:

  • The asset finance and leasing market
  • Industry trends
  • Asset finance software buyer preferences
  • How the software market is responding
  • How propositions are likely to evolve

The end consumer demand for digital and increasingly personalised solutions is pushing the entire value chain to rethink it’s approach within channels. Software providers will need to continue to integrate the move to services into their platforms whilst maintaining a seamless, digitally secure set of services. We expect providers to continue to push the boundaries of future innovation as these emerging trends further take shape.

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