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Aviation Technology

Service & operations excellence

The aviation industry is forecast to achieve unparalleled growth, resulting in capacity constraints in airspace, runways and airport terminals. How can the industry focus on working smarter, not harder?

Global industry challenges

With the increase in passenger figures already causing strain on the industry and IATA predicting 7.2Bn passengers in 2035, almost double 2016’s figure of 3.8Bn passengers, the pressure is only expected to get worse. To put it into context, capacity and infrastructure constraints due to industry growth mean that 1.9 million flights will be unaccounted for in 2035. Other challenges include:

  • Reducing the dependency on fossil fuels;
  • Legacy Systems & approach to technology;
  • Keeping up with the digital traveller – technology investment will be considerable;
  • Outdated commercial models;
  • Driving increases in Non-Aviation revenue streams.