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Accelerating technology disruption in the automotive market

Blockchain in the automotive industry

Our new insight report explores the potential role of blockchain in underpinning the industry transformation that is coming. We have evaluated the vast opportunities of blockchain across the automotive value chain that can help to revolutionise products, services and processes.

In this report we examine the implications and assess the value of specific use cases, analysing how they could be used to resolve key business issues and have grouped them as:

  1. Trial projects. Opportunities that have a lower immediate value relative to others due to a narrower blockchain application.
  2. Investigate. Opportunities relative to trial projects in terms of value but similar complexity (and cost), offering greater value relative to investment in the short-term.
  3. Wait and see. Opportunities currently offer a lower value relative to other blockchain opportunities and are more complex (and costly) to implement.
  4. Transformative. These offer the most attractive opportunities in terms of potential value.

An overview of blockchain

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