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Foreign Direct Investment in Central Europe

The global pandemic has impacted all markets, with subsequent ramifications for M&A. This overview provides insights into foreign investments within Central Europe.

September 2021


Our generation of lawyers are living in unprecedentedly challenging times. The global pandemic situation impacts all the markets, including the M&A one. In response to the current issues, we experience more, and faster, developments in M&A than we have seen before in the past twenty years.

Investors seek greater protection against general lock-downs or supply-chain disruption in due diligence exercises as well as in transaction documents, MAC clauses, earn-out mechanisms, while other standard contractual measures are largely being revisited.

On the regulatory level, governments are seeking the protection of critical supplies and services. New regulations are being imposed on foreign investment into crucial or strategic industries. If you are considering investment opportunities in Central Europe, take a look at this overview to get insight into the regulations on foreign investment in strategic industries.

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