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A World of Opportunity that the new Latvian “Nomad Visa” brings

Regulation for foreign employees to reside in Latvia and work remotely


Groundbreaking regulation will allow non-Latvians to both reside in Latvia and work there remotely


With the rapid growth of digital lifestyles, and the ongoing trend towards remote working, in Latvia and around the world, the Parliament of Latvia is introducing a new cutting-edge regulatory framework facilitating easier remote working - the “Nomad Visa”. This is a new form of visa that allows employees to easily work remotely in Latvia for an employer that is located in a foreign country.

Due to a variety of reasons, including higher welfare and living conditions, a cleaner environment, the presence of friends and acquaintances living in Latvia, as well as superbly high internet speeds, remote workers may prefer to reside and work in Latvia rather than other locations. The introduction of the “Nomad Visa” would provide an exceptional opportunity for highly qualified foreigners who would like to choose Latvia as their country of residence, while also promoting the country’s economic development.


The “Nomad Visa” will allow residence in Latvia for foreigners who:


1. Work for an employer registered abroad; or

2. are self-employed and registered abroad.


To find out more about The Nomad Visa click here.

Some additional immigration services that we offer:


An EU Blue Card

The timeline for obtaining an EU BC is quicker compared to obtaining a TRP. Similar to a TRP, an EU BC can also be issued for up to 5 years, with the right to extension, and annual registration is required.

For an EU BC, 5-years of previous experience, or 3-years of higher education in the planned profession, is required.

Additionally, an EU BC holder may stay in Latvia for an additional 3 months after their termination of their employment agreement, but not exceeding the term of their residence rights.


A Temporary Residence Permit

The timeline for obtaining a TRP is more time-consuming; however, this residence permit can be issued for up to 5 years with the right to extension. If a TRP is issued for more than a one-year period, then annual registration is required.

To gain a TRP, 3-years of previous experience, or education, in the planned profession is required.


An EU Citizen Registration certificate

A registration certificate for an EU citizen is issued if that EU citizen resides in Latvia for a definite period.

Without registration, an EU citizen is entitled to reside in Latvia for up to 3 months, as of the first day of entry, provided that they are in possession of a valid travel document.


A Long-stay Visa

A long-stay visa will enable attracting the necessary workforce more quickly.

This type of visa can be granted to an employee for not more than one year. However, if there is the necessity to extend their stay in Latvia, the employee can apply for a temporary residence permit card (TRP) or EU Blue Card (EU BC).

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