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Filing DAC6 reporting

Mandatory exchange of information under DAC6

What is at stake?


Since 1 January 2021, concerned taxpayers and intermediaries must comply with DAC6’s reporting requirements.

DAC6 reports are filed on MyGuichet, either by completing an online form or uploading an xml file. LuxTrust access is required.

In case of non-compliance with DAC6, intermediaries and/or taxpayers may be subject to penalties of up to EUR250,000 per unreported/late or false reporting in Luxembourg.

Reports must be sent to the tax authorities within 30 days beginning when:

  • The arrangement is made available or is ready for implementation
  • The first step of the implementation was taken; or
  • Aid, assistance or advice was provided.

Discover our full DAC6 service offering

Our process

  • Deloitte provides an Excel document to collect the necessary information to file the reporting.
  • We send you a user guide to help you complete the Excel document.
  • If you already work with Deloitte on the transaction to be reported, this key information is pre-populated.
  • The reporting are either filed through completing an online form or uploading an xml file.
  • We use our Deloitte LuxTrust access to file on your behalf.
  • We receive proof of filing through an arrangement ID, which can be exchanged with other affected parties.

Our objectives


  • To file the reporting in due time. We will send you the arrangement ID of each reporting filed.
  • To send you a detailed Excel document that allows us to capture the key elements required to properly file the reporting.
  • To provide automated reporting if notified by Deloitte Luxembourg. We can report on your behalf based on the information gathered during our tax assistance.

What we offer?


  • A pragmatic and automated approach to convert information into an XML file that complies with the Luxembourg XSD scheme.
  • Seasoned experience with filing operational tax reportings.
  • A simple, transparent and competitive fee schedule. Our commitment to you is “no surprise fees”.

Who can benefit?


  • Any intermediary or taxpayer that is under DAC6’s scope.