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E-discovery & Litigation Support

Failure to disclose relevant documents on time is not an option

Organisations can find themselves unexpectedly in the unfamiliar territory of e-discovery requirements, in many cases with little or no prior notice.

Work frequently needs to be carried out under great time pressure, whilst maintaining quality and ensuring compliance with Luxembourg, and possibly foreign, laws and regulations. In e-discovery context, there are ever increasing amounts of data to examine, from a variety of sources (e.g. social media) and in a variety of formats, making it hard to remain efficient.


How Deloitte can help?

  • e-discovery readiness - Deloitte can help prepare organisations to be better prepared to face e-discovery requests, significantly increasing the ability to speed up any e-discovery process, as well as the ability to meet the requirements laid down by the courts
  • e-discovery response - Deloitte can assist organisation in responding to an e-discovery request. We can help an organisation secure, collect, analyse, review, produce and present data in a “reasonable and proportional manner”, as required by courts

Deloitte proposition overview

  • Readiness assistance: Ensure the right controls are in place to ensure relevant information can be collected efficiently and without endangering legal and regulatory compliance (policies in place, safeguarding of evidence, etc.) which ensures litigation is possible if that is required
  • E-discovery response:
    1. Develop an adequately adapted strategy to protect and collect information from available sources on a priority basis
    2. Implement cost effective e-discovery workflows, using specialist software, tailored by Deloitte with features such as assisted redaction or assisted review (“Predictive Coding”)
    3. Maintain the chain of custody and quality throughout the e-discovery process

Our approach & methodology

  • Deloitte uses a standards based approach using the ISO/IEC 27037, 27041, 27042, 27043 and 27050 standards
  • Our E-discovery strategies are based on our ability to deeply understand the business processes at work at our clients
  • Based on previous experience, both in Luxembourg and abroad, we ensure liaison and communication between stakeholders such as business, IT and legal counsel in order to avoid common pitfalls which may result in non compliance with local or foreign laws and regulations and the inability to produce evidence and/or prosecute