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Data Agent Services for company wind-downs

Winding down a company is a legally complex task

Most businesses don’t enter a market with plans to exit. But it’s not unusual for it to become a reality. A company wind-down, borne from strategy realignment or other factors, can be a hard decision. You will require support during the initial phases of the closure and for many years thereafter.

Winding down any company is a complex task, even more so when you’re exiting the financial market. You must uphold legal compliance, and the required infrastructure and human resources can be costly, challenging and time consuming – for at least 10 years.

To be compliant you must:

  • Retain all business, supplier, client and employee-related data and records
  • Have expert personnel on staff to respond to specific requests for information
  • Maintain a complex IT infrastructure that could be vulnerable to security breaches
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with ever-changing laws and regulations, e.g. GDPR

But these aren’t hurdles you need to manage alone; there is an alternative.

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