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Liquidation Services

The voluntary liquidation is a business decision. This phase is very often a challenge for management who is typically operating vehicles as a going concern. During this phase specific legal, operational and financial aspects have to be considered, as well as their timing.

Your concerns:

After the decision of the liquidation, you may have different concerns on the process:

  • Day to Day management of the liquidation;
  • Update in regulation and legislation;
  • Restructuring;
  • Wind-down of the management company;
  • Realization of the assets
  • Follow up and cleaning of the crystalized matters (claim, litigation…)

Your benefit with Deloitte:

  • Dedicated and permanently staffed liquidations desk
  • Highly experienced professionals
  • Achieve rapid pay-outs to investors
  • Benefit from our established network and experience in selling illiquid assets (real estate, farming industries, delisted securities, hedge funds, renewable energies, etc)
  • Identify and potentially recover tax claims following a cost benefit-analysis
  • Recover overpaid fees
  • Aim to maximize return on divested assets
  • Fulfil all CSSF requirements with the objective to meet the regulatory closing deadline of nine months
  • Semi-annual reporting by the regulator on the status of the liquidation (obligatory)
  • Ensure that all statutory and regulatory termination requirements are met
  • Manage the auditor requests
  • Inform shareholders of significant events on an ad hoc basis
  • Minimize the likelihood of future claims against the entity
  • Organize tax filings (e.g. FATCA; CRS)
  • Possibility of currency hedging to minimize market risk
  • Renegotiate terms and conditions of binding contracts with service provider for the liquidation period
  • Identify and terminate agreements not needed for the purpose of the liquidation
  • Saving management time by taking responsibility for the entity’s affairs

Our dedicated service will significantly reduce your valuable time and costs, while minimizing your risk exposure. Our permanently staffed desk is looking forward to tailor your liquidation plan. Do not hesitate and get in touch with our team.

We have a team of highly experienced practitioners who regularly work on various types of liquidation such as:

  • Voluntary liquidation of regulated entities (e.g. investments funds and financial institutions)
  • Assistance with the voluntary liquidation of unregulated entities
  • Judiciary liquidation (insolvency)