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Offshore restructuring services

Corporate groups with a multi jurisdictional presence face specific challenges in dealing with different legislative and regulatory requirements.

Deloitte’s Offshore Restructuring Services team work together to provide you with local expertise and a seamless cross border service.

Corporate simplification

We specialize in solvent wind downs and exits, assisting clients in simplifying entity structures, extracting capital and eliminating unwanted entities.

We have helped clients:

with cumbersome corporate structures containing inactive companies, acquired through M&A activity or organic growth under pressure to reduce operating costs, with dormant and redundant companies accruing holding costs and draining senior management time facing questions from stakeholders or regulators as to the purpose and value of their unproductive entities with trapped capital within the business and looking to consolidate the range of jurisdictions or market segments in which they operate, where an overseas parent wants to close a local operating company wind down of complex multi-jurisdictional structures that have reached the end of their life.


acting as liquidators and project coordinators managing efficiently an orderly and fully compliant winding up to maximize shareholder return restructuring fixed life vehicles providing project management of the managed exit, using the office of liquidator to assume responsibility for freeing up management time and mitigation of potential tax and regulatory consequences on closure or restructuring. Download our Offshore Restructuring services.