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Forensic technology

Forensic technology is a key component in investigations involving digital evidence. The widespread use of digital devices (computers, servers, smartphones, etc.) can create a wide variety and substantial amount of digital evidence. Processing evidence from a wide range of devices and handling significant amounts of data can only be done correctly by using the appropriate tools and processes.

Therefore, in today's digital environment, practitioners must have a perfect understanding of how information can be retrieved, securely stored, and processed. This allows practitioners to build the best possible case, whilst complying with applicable laws and regulations.

By harnessing the array of technology available in our worldwide network of computer forensics labs, our professionals can recover a wealth of information from computer hard drives and other devices, including active, deleted, hidden, lost or encrypted files; file fragments; and even files that were merely viewed but never saved (memory forensics).

We offer the following forensic technology services that are fully optimized for Luxembourg: