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Our CESOP Reporting Solution and Services

CESOP Compliance for EU PSPs

To be compliant with the new CESOP Directive, you need to implement new quarterly reporting based on cross-border data.

This reporting requires data sourcing and reconciliation from different databases – and defined, advanced filtering rules – to ensure relevant transaction submission. Implementation of new XML reporting may add new burdens to your IT capacity and resources. You’ll also need to further your relationship management with the Luxembourgish tax authorities.

Deloitte’s CESOP reporting solution can guide you in the implementation of CESOP compliance requirements. Save time and operational efficiencies with a CESOP reporting solution that meets the scope of your activities.

Our CESOP Reporting Solution

Your CESOP compliance journey doesn’t have to overburden your team. We’ve developed an end-to-end solution within our dedicated PSF service offering to release you from the main impacts of the regulation.

Our solution ensures a smooth and central management of your CESOP reporting, minimizing the need for internal IT or operational teams. It is a full outsourcing solution, based on data extracts.

With this reporting solution we can fully take over your CESOP reporting, with the following steps:

Data collection

You just have to provide us with you raw data, and we take care of the cleaning and filtering;

Reportable transactions identification

Our CESOP solution enables a fast and reliable identification of reportable transactions, which you can follow along on a dedicated dashboard;

Report generation

When all reportable transactions are identified, we aggregate them per payee and compile the information under an XML format;


Report submission

Once you provide sign-off of the report, we will send the report to the relevant tax authorities through an automated solution (API) or manual solution;

High Level Architecture of our Solution