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Blast off into space and return to Earth

Skyrocket your company’s future in the space industry with Deloitte’s out-of-this-world services and support

Why should you meet with us?


  1. Analyze your position within the market;
  2. Understand your vision, goals, questions and expectations;
  3. Gain insights into different opportunities in Luxembourg and abroad;
  4. Formulate a plan to reach your long-term goals; and
  5. Gain an enhanced strategy that includes international options.

Your questions


  • Where should I set up my company/subsidiary?
  • Which of Luxembourg's financing options is right for me?
  • How can I ensure my finances comply with regulations?
  • How can I determine an IP strategy for my company?
  • How can I get my technological solution to market?
  • How can I connect with the market’s “big players”?
  • How can I stay innovative in this ever-changing environment?
  • How can I grow my company and sort through the vast company landscape?


Your answers


  • Deloitte’s global network allows clients to easily compare geographies.
  • Deloitte’s support ranges from grant applications to full M&A services.
  • Deloitte’s assurance and attesting services are acknowledged worldwide.
  • Deloitte helps companies adopt the right IP tax strategy for the future.
  • Deloitte advises companies to prepare them for a successful future.
  • Deloitte has established partnerships with the largest space companies.
  • Deloitte helps clients stay ahead of the competition with Deloitte Digital.
  • Deloitte has carried out many successful internal and external growth projects.

Mind & Market Challenge

The Mind & Market Challenge brings creative project owners, disruptive startups, key entrepreneurs, innovative companies and potential investors together. By matching innovative solutions with market needs, the initiative is a catalyst for the realization of project owners’ ideas and a facilitator for start-ups’ growth.

The Mind & Market Challenge is a collaboration of Deloitte Luxembourg, Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), Luxinnovation, Mind & Market asbl, the University of Luxembourg, FEDIL, Paul Wurth InCub, RTL, Equilibre, Alter Domus, and LuxPropTech.

Interested in taking part in the next edition? Register your project on or contact Pauline Gass at

GRAVITY Challenge

GRAVITY Challenge is a global technology innovation program for corporates, entrepreneurs and universities to design and build solutions to real industry, social and environmental problems using space data and capability.

Virtual to enable global reach, GRAVITY addresses industry needs through harnessing the space ecosystem. It connects market demand with innovators to create new and viable solutions and foster growth in traditional services.

By taking part in the GRAVITY Challenge, you will receive support every step of the way through a dedicated Deloitte representative, gain exposure to the global Deloitte client base, and connect to various space ecosystems around the world. Get more information here:

You can decide if you want to:


  • Define your challenge: describe your “problem-to-be solved” in a workshop.
  • Select a representative: a one hour per week commitment is sufficient.
  • Engage in key meetings: enjoy a continuous exchange with innovators.
  • Your choice: select the challenge(s) you would like to solve.
  • Access to data: the sponsors will provide data sets for you to work with.
  • Data provider: find new ways to ground your data in daily life.
  • Mentor: support challengers, innovators and Deloitte with technical expertise and evaluate solutions.

Interested in taking part in the next edition? Feel free to contact Pauline Gass at

Space Galaxy

Space exploration, resource utilization and potentially the population of space has fascinated humans for a long time dating back to the days before Galileo. Today, with the joint effort of governments, agencies, NGOs, and commercial companies, access to space has come closer and even become part of our daily life.