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Digital banking for SMEs

Take the lead and leverage long-standing relationships with SMEs

Today, digital banking platform providers are closing the gap between the expectations and capabilities of banking services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), by developing solutions that are better adapted to the scale of such organizations. These new entrants are racing each other to find the most innovative offerings in terms of tools and solutions for this market segment.

Placing a focus on understanding SMEs


SMEs expect innovative services focused on their wish to simplify their daily business lives. And how have digital banking providers responded?

It is the answer to this question that we have tried to uncover through the research and analysis of our survey. In this executive summary, we present an overview of the key outcomes of our study.

The scope of this survey was to assess digital banking platform providers for SMEs. The main focus was to understand the maturity of digital banking services, the coverage of the value chain, and the positioning of the different solutions within the market.

The added-value of digital banking providers surveyed help SME owners in their daily routine. Business owners will have more time to focus on growing their business (less financial management, help with business management, improved business results).

At a bank level, it provides knowledge on the business in order to secure any funding decision to better accompany businesses in their growth. The more information the solution is able to gather, the more it will be able to deliver a tailor-made solution to the business owner at the right time.

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