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Governance Support

The Centre for Corporate Governance is designed to provide boards and senior management with a single point of access to current developments, Deloitte perspectives, learning materials and other useful information related to corporate governance.

To us corporate governance is much more than compliance and ticking boxes - it is all about adding value and having an impact. At its core is establishing and maintaining the frameworks and processes necessary to support effective decision-making, which in turn helps drive efficient processes and create sustainable businesses in the interests of all stakeholders.

At Board level, good corporate governance is much more than structures and processes. It is about the people around the table and the dynamics around the room. We look beyond the operations of the Board to understand the positive impact the Board has on the organisation.

We provide a range of corporate governance services across all industries, bringing insight into the latest developments and the practical challenges. We work collaboratively with clients to either assess their existing governance arrangements in place and to assist in the design and implementation of new governance arrangements and structures. 

For more information please download our brochure.

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