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Deloitte and Anaplan Alliance

A unique combination of deep planning expertise and industry-leading technology to connect people, data and plans and boost performance for future-ready enterprises

With 8+ years of experience with Anaplan’s connected planning technology, Deloitte is Anaplan’s largest global partner in successfully designing and delivering end-to-end projects that connect forecasting and planning across enterprises within every industry and accelerate business value for finance, sales, marketing, supply chain, human resources, tax and IT. Together, Deloitte and Anaplan can help you transform processes, integrate business-driven forecasting and planning across the enterprise and deliver real-time data and insights to help you manage and improve business performance.

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Scenario Planning Modelling

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught companies the importance of agility when it comes to adjusting plans and forecasts. This asset illustrates the possibility of using Anaplan in support of rapidly building alternative scenarios and simulations which will give you the opportunity to respond and recover quickly and set up the business to thrive again.

Asset and demo initially developed by Deloitte Belgium.

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