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Financial Function Assurance Services

Now more than ever, organisations need to prioritise the review of their financial structures to ensure they can adopt to the continuously evolving working environment. Our team have significant experience working with both family owned and private equity backed businesses as well as other organisations, and so we can provide you with the necessary recommendations to enable you to create a world class finance department.

What we do for you

Our finance function assurance services team will assess your finance structure, processes and roles and responsibilities.

We also assess and facilitate robust internal financial control environments that support finance functions in meeting their financial reporting and regulatory
needs. We identify, develop, and test the policies and procedures within business processes and information technology environments.


What is the value for you as a client?

  • The time is now: COVID-19 has already disrupted finance functions across the globe as organisations can no longer continue to operate as they did before. Our team can harness this disruption to ensure that your finance structures are operating in the most efficient manner for a post-pandemic world.
  • Time constraints: Our expert team will work with you to efficiently and robustly carry out this review, allowing your team to focus on your business on a day to day basis.
  • Bringing reassurance to your processes: Our services will either highlight areas for improvement within your structures and suggest new ways of working and efficiencies, or confirm that certain processes are working as they are, bringing confidence to your system’s longevity.
  • Business case: Bringing our team in to review your processes brings the benefits of an external, unbiased point of view. Our teams will use their indepth experience of working with similar businesses to your advantage, benchmarking your processes against “best in class”.

Finance Function User Cases