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The Deloitte Impact Fund

Creating a Long-term legacy

The People's Impact Fund launched in December 2020 and selected candidates will be announced in April 2023

Connecting to our Community

To make an impact that matters, for our clients, people, community and planet....

  • Lead the way
  • Serve with integrity
  • Take care of each other
  • Foster inclusion
  • Collaborate for measurable impact

Our Irish amplified behaviours differentiate us:

  • Courage
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Inclusivity 

We demonstrate these through WorldImpact

WorldClass and ALL IN

Support for DEIS Schools

This funding will provide scholarships and educational supports to students to attend 3rd level education in addition to holding a number of places on the Transition Year work experience programme each year for students from these schools.

  • Investment into our existing school partnerships – Further investment into our established school partnerships in Dublin (CBS James’s Street) and Belfast (Hazelwood College). 
  • Investment into two new school partnerships – Building relationships with two schools in Limerick, Cólaiste Mhichil and Cólaiste Nano Nagle.

Funding for University Access Programmes

We will be making donations to each of the below University Access Programmes to further scale our funding to Access programmes, providing opportunity for those from marginalised communities supporting our ALLIN ambition and diversifying our talent pool.

  • Dublin City University (an existing partnership since 2007) - further investment in what is already a well established relationship between Deloitte Ireland and DCU.
  • Trinity Access Programme - TAP has been identified as a new Access Programme to support in Dublin. This programmes has strong ties with local schools, providing deep and early interventions in the community, excellent success rate by their students, bespoke ‘Pathways to Business’ Access programmes and more.
  • UCC Plus + - This is a well-structured student lifecycle programme with networks and programmes in primary and secondary DEIS schools in the Cork region. 

We will support our investment in these programmes by providing internships for students from all three University Access Programmes and potential for mentoring opportunities and further relationship building with the University and Access programme.

WorldClimate - Activating our employee engagement

Global Action Plan Ireland is an environmental education organisation with a mission to support people to live more sustainable lifestyles, by offering practical yet creative solutions that inspire people to act.

Our donation will be focused on social inclusion support in addition to climate action impact through the Nature Explorer programme delivered in partnership with Young Ballymun. Our funds will go towards the delivery of the Nature Explorer programme which provides a sensory space for children and parents living in emergency accommodation to safely and intuitively explore the natural world, creating a positive space for the family unit and a positive impact on the environment.

Leave No Trace Ireland provides research, education and outreach to teach people of all ages how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly.

Our donation will fund a Hot Spot Project in 2022. The Hot Spot Programme is a critical initiative designed to address areas impacted by outdoor activities and heavy use. Using Leave No Trace solutions, these areas can be restored and thrive again. The chosen location receives a unique, site-specific blend of training, expert consulting, education programmes, service projects, monitoring programmes and more. With site-specific Leave No Trace measures in place, the area is equipped to bounce back from impacts and recover its natural qualities. The result is a sustainable outdoor area that is on the road to recovery.

The purpose of the Hot Spot Programme is to teach people how to make responsible decisions when participating in outdoor activities, to promote a sense of stewardship for the natural world and an understanding of how to reduce your carbon footprint.

People’s Impact Fund

People's Impact Fund

Funding for our people to activate their purpose

We are excited to launch the People’s Impact Fund which will be an dedicated fund for our people to apply to for social impact initiatives and projects that they are personally passionate about and that align to our WorldImpact ambitions. This fund is an opportunity for our people to activate their personal purpose as well as a tool to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit.

Deloitte will be supported by the Community Foundation for Ireland in the governance process and in the allocation of the funds for the selected organisation(s).

The fund will be launched in October 2021 with the selected candidates and organisations to be announced in January 2022.