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Making an impact that matters, one future at a time

WorldClass is Deloitte’s global ambition to impact 100 million people by helping them prepare for the opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Through our WorldClass commitment, we are channelling the expertise of our people into addressing educational disadvantage that occurs in Ireland. At Deloitte Ireland, we believe that we can make the greatest societal impact by using our biggest asset; our people, to develop job skills, improve educational outcomes and create opportunites for those who otherwise may be left behind.

In our client work, Deloitte Ireland is actively preparing people, and the organisations they are part of, to be ready for the prosperity and progress that the Fourth Revolution offers. We work to develop leading-edge business solutions, bring broad perspectives to clients and train the next generation of business leaders and we feel we can bring this preparation to our local communities too.

Globally, millions of people are being left behind, unable to fulfil their aspirations and potential. They lack the education, skills and training needed to succeed in the modern world. This leads to widening inequality, declining productivity and rising social tensions.

Deloitte Ireland has the skills and the know-how to help solve this challenge and as the undisputed global industry leader, we believe we have an obligation to do so.

This is why Deloitte has launched a global ambition to impact 100 million people by 2030. By aligning around a common goal and mission, we are focusing our resources and efforts to make an impact that matters in addressing these  challenges.

We are energising our organisation to live our purpose and grow this impact exponentially.

WorldClass is one way that our organisation is living our purpose, to make an impact that matters, one future at a time.

"Education is central to our WorldClass ambition and how we make an impact in society but it is also central to our day to day operations here in Deloitte Ireland. As a training firm, we value our people to the highest regard and believe that they are our best asset. We have highly educated people employed in Deloitte and are working to give these skills back to the community by upskilling people and organisations that need it most.

We also want to diversify our talent pool which we will do through our WorldClass ambition by providing access to opportunity to people from diverse backgrounds and accessing talent pools that we have not utilised before. We want to open our doors, diversify our talent pool and make Deloitte Ireland an even more inclusive workforce. There has been some excellent work done to date in this space, but we know we must and are committed to doing even more.

At Deloitte, our purpose is to make an impact that matters and we are determined to reach our 100 million lives target through our WorldClass agenda. To do this, we will continue to leverage the power of our people, our skillset and our brand by delivering a real impact that matters through education, upskilling and access to opportunity in collaboration with our education and charity partners."

Claire Bergin, Senior Manager, Corporate Responsibility, Deloitte Ireland

WorldClass - Making an impact that matters one future at a time