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Samujjal Guha

Consultant, Strategic Risk

Samujjal is a Consultant in our Cyber and Strategic Risk team, and is a part of the Deloitte Ireland Centre for Corporate Governance. He specialises in Board effectiveness and corporate governance across all industries. He talks about the best parts of the role and what to expect when joining Deloitte.
What does a typical day look like in your role?

No two days are same at Deloitte. Each day offers a new and challenging task to work on. As a Consultant in Risk Advisory my days are dynamic, fast paced, adventurous and a continuous learning experience. Each morning I discuss my workload and key focus areas for the day during my daily stand up meeting with the group following which I start working on the assigned tasks.

On some days, I am tasked to conduct a high-level documentation review to get insights into the parameters within which the Board and Organisation are working. On other days, I am attending interviews and focus groups with senior stakeholders of a client organisation or Board members to note key points and analyse the themes coming out of the exercise. I also work on business development with my team leader, and other colleagues in risk advisory or doing project management for an ongoing project or a survey analysis or drafting report for a client, etc.

I love working on corporate governance assignments, especially given the various lens we get to apply to help our clients. In short, every day has been a great learning experience at Deloitte with complete oversight of projects I am working on.

What attracted you to Deloitte as a career move? What development opportunities have you had since joining?

Deloitte offers a plethora of opportunities to create an ‘impact that matters’. The fast-paced environment provides massive learning opportunities, and offers opportunity to work alongside talented colleagues. Another important point is the diversity and inclusion at Deloitte Ireland.

In my first year here, I have had numerous development opportunities in the areas ranging from project management, corporate governance and risk management to name a few.

The work-life balance is great, the support from colleagues and team leaders is amazing, and the communication through webinars and All Hands has always been reassuring and highly supportive - even more so during the past few months.
What advice would you give someone coming for an interview on the team, and what can new joiners expect from their first few days at Deloitte?

My advice will be to do your homework about Deloitte and also the role applied for. Try to be succinct while describing your leadership skills, projects you have worked on, competencies, and other situation based questions. Above all try to be honest with your answers, do not hesitate to say if you are not aware of something. Don’t worry, you will be made comfortable by the interviewers to just be yourself.

The first few days will be incredible, and even beyond it. I must mention that you will be assigned a buddy, who will be your point-of-contact for the first few weeks. Your buddy will help you to get used to the new environment, and to know your colleagues.

What is it about your role/industry that keeps you interested?

The challenge and the breadth of work in corporate governance and wider strategic risk domain. This role gives me a constant opportunity to learn and grow my knowledge base within the evolving corporate governance landscape. 

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