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Message from CEO

CEO foreword

Welcome to our 2022 Impact Report. In another year that wasn’t quite what we imagined, the COVID-19 pandemic continued, the climate emergency heightened, and new crises emerged bringing significant social and economic repercussions.

These events have forced us to examine what we value as a society and how, as a business, we choose to play our role in shaping and influencing the environment in which we operate.

At the same time, our clients’ challenges have become increasingly complex. Our multi-disciplinary business model allows us to respond to those challenges, with the broadest set of capabilities and to uphold public trust. As we do this, we remain focused on what lies ahead, ensuring our solutions are future proofing our clients’ businesses.

We’re supporting organisations embed climate action in the fundamentals of their business operations, while navigating complex ESG regulation. We’re ensuring digital transformation remains a critical priority in every layer of business. And we’re helping indigenous companies emerge stronger, more resilient, and better equipped for uncertainty.

The collective ambition, energy and ingenuity of our 3,000 people across Ireland helps us achieve this.

Supporting our people

As we sought to inspire and support our people and communities, we brought to life our purpose to make an impact that matters through a newly launched initiative, One Good Turn. Following an exceptionally difficult few years, this brought together employees from across the island of Ireland to achieve a common goal – rebuild connections, take care of one another, and support mental health in our communities. We cycled 750km raising vital funds to give back to society.

Collaborating for impact

When the Russian Government launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, we supported the Department of Social Protection assist Ukrainian refugees access essential services on arrival in Ireland. We also used the power of our network to convene and connect the skills required to play our part.

We have also been acutely focused on the climate crisis and have committed half a million euro to the Dublin City University Centre for Climate and Society. This brings policy makers, educators and media together to develop climate action policies and frameworks. In our own business we’ve made NetZero commitments and continue to educate and engage our people through our WorldClimate programme.

Building better futures

The next few years are critical for the recovery and growth of our domestic and global economies as we face continued critical challenges. In our business it’s no different and as we look at our priorities for the next few years, we’ve made a series of choices to help us achieve our ambition.

Firstly, we know the growth of our business depends on the growth of our people. Guided by our shared values, we are focused on creating a dynamic culture of inclusion, collaboration and high performance. We’re doing this in a number of ways – advancing gender balance and inclusivity across our business, striving for continuous transparency in how we operate, and providing training, mentoring and sponsorship to support people to succeed. As we think about the future of work, choice is at the heart of that future – giving people choice in when, where and how they work to deliver success.

Secondly, we’re focused on supporting our clients transform their businesses amid continued disruption and uncertainty. From building and strengthening indigenous businesses, to navigating the complex sustainability landscape and leading digital transformation across all industries and sectors. We’re making choices in how we work with clients that are underpinned by good governance and strategy to help us deliver on our promises and serve the public interest.

Finally, we’re making investments in society that are aligned with the priorities of our people and to connect our skills and experience to make a real impact. As part of our WorldClass ambition, we have committed a minimum investment of €5 million over the next three years to the Deloitte Impact Fund. Our goal with this is to positively impact at least 300,000 lives by 2030 through volunteering, pro bono work and donations. We will also continue to advance our WorldClimate strategy through collective action with our people, our clients and our wider networks.

As I reflect on the last year in our business, I’m proud of how we’ve remained focused on our purpose in everything we do. Looking towards the next phase, despite the uncertain domestic and global landscape, I feel optimistic about the future and shaping a more inclusive society through the work that we do to make an impact that matters.