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Embedding inclusion and wellbeing everyday with the Inclusion Passport

Core to our ambition is having a culture that is actively inclusive of all. The Inclusion Passport supports individuals to be at their best and to develop their careers. It enables them to lead fulfilling lives and be active in their communities.

A practical tool supporting people to live our purpose and thrive personally and professionally

The Deloitte Inclusion Passport is both a tool and framework to enable people to have quality conversations around the supports they need to thrive personally and professionally.

It provides an opportunity for individuals to negotiate and agree supports with their team leads and coaches. And importantly, it eliminates the need to re-negotiate those supports each time they work with a new team or team leader.  

Different people have different needs depending on their external commitments, responsibilities, their physical and mental health, and their individual circumstances. For example, if someone is neurodivergent and has agreed ways of working that enable them to be their best, they can share those agreements with a team leader. Or, if someone is observing Ramadan by fasting, requiring flexibility in their schedule for that period, they could highlight that in their Passport to share with their teams.




When supports are agreed between an individual and their leader, it is documented in our Workday HR system using the Inclusion Passport. Individuals have complete ownership over the contents of the Inclusion Passport and can choose who it is shared with.

We believe that people do their best work and bring their unique perspective to our clients’ challenges when they can openly be themselves and seek support where needed. This starts with a conversation with their leader to discuss what would help them thrive. The Inclusion Passport supports this important, but sometimes daunting, step in a safe way. It also provides peace of mind to individuals that they will not have to have multiple difficult conversations about potentially sensitive or personal topics.

“The Inclusion Passport is a fantastic support. There’s a great quote that is “inclusion is not simply about proximity. It’s about intentionally planning for the success of all.” That’s what the Passport enables us to do; whatever supports we might need at this particular point in time to help us be successful in our work, without success in work being at the expense of our wellbeing and personal life.”

Senior Manager

Since launching this unique offering in 2021, we have been invited by Workday to present our Inclusion Passport at four of their client conferences globally. This has resulted in several organisations discussing with Deloitte how they might implement their own Inclusion Passport. Workday has published the Inclusion Passport on their Global App Gallery. We are delighted to see this concept spreading beyond the 101 Inclusion Passports held by people at Deloitte. It will enable broader inclusion and wellbeing for employees across the whole workforce.

Building on the launch of the Inclusion Passport, and in particular for those seeking more neurodiversity support, we have established a Neurodiversity Network to build awareness of neurodivergence.

This network provides a supportive community for people who are neurodivergent themselves or support someone who does. We have seen an increase in people feeling comfortable about disclosing their neurodivergence as a result of the Inclusion Passport visibly demonstrating a willingness to have open conversations and provide support where needed. The Inclusion Passport, and Neurodiversity network are helping to make Deloitte a more inclusive workplace for our people.

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Sinead Gogan

Chief Human Resources Officer